CREST IoR will show up in Interop 23



CREST IoR project (Takuro YONEZAWA, associate professor at Nagoya University, as representative) will exhibit in Interop 23, Makuhari Messe (Chiba pref., JAPAN), in 2023 June 14th - 16th.

Booth concept

CREST IoR booth is 4T24.

The content of Nagoya University will be MetaPo: a robotic meta portal for inter-reality and a demo using MetaPo: dive-in to the another space using VR headset. MetaPo - firstly appeared in SIGGRAPH 2022 posters - is designed to connect multiple spaces such as real-real, real-virtual, virtual-virtual. We can communicate with others in a natural way with using MetaPo's immersive 360 inter-space communication function.

MetaPo's concept video can be seen in Youtube (as below). For details of MetaPo, please refer to

For details of CREST IoR project, please refer to (contact form also available in that website).