MetaPo: A Robotic Meta Portal for Interspace Communication

Takuro Yonezawa*, Nozomi Hayashida*, Johannes Przybilla**, Yutaro Kyono**, Kenta Urano*, Nobuo Kawaguchi*
*: Nagoya University, JAPAN, **: Kyopalab LCC, JAPAN

We introduce MetaPo, a mobile robot with spheric display, 360 media I/O, and robotic hands for creating a unified model of interspace communication. MetaPo works as a portal between pairs of physical and cyber spaces to provide panoramic communication for multiple remote users and immersive interspace migration with mobility functionality.

Our poster (Click to see PDF)

360┬░media call between different spaces

Immersive group telepresence

MetaPo in cyber space

Design of MetaPo with virtual portal

Interspace communication by MetaPo - Mixed Link and Immersed Link