Affective Computing


Affective Computing Group is focusing on realizing a society in which computers, robots, and humans coexist and cooperate by analyzing human emotions and sensibilities.Currently, we are conducting research that can be applied to a variety of fields, such as dialogue systems with emotional response, and optimization of pickers and delivery robots.

Adaptive Dialogue System with Emotional Reply


Chatbots, which have become popular in recent years, can be applied to cognitive behavioral therapies such as mental health care and therapy, and are expected to play a role as a digital partner that is close to humans in the future. In this research, we focus on the emotional factors necessary for humans and dialogue systems to form social relationships, and implement a dialogue system that extracts semantic information and emotional elements from human speech, applies appropriate emotions to the situation, and uses them to generate responses.

Optimization of Human Workload using Simulation of Warehouse Collaborative Robot


The purpose of this research is to categorize and develop collaborative mobile transport robots in warehouses. E-commerce sales have been growing rapidly in a global scale. The number of accidents with robots involving humans is increasing whilst warehouse automation technology has been developed and implemented in many warehouses. In an environment where people continuously work with robots, robots need to be controlled taking into consideration of the thought that people could be nearby the robots anytime. This research categorizes behaviors of warehouse mobile robots and evaluate these behaviors in a simulation-based environment.